End of Term One Newsletter






ONE MORE DAY TO GO!!!!!!   Thank you to everyone for an amazing first term of 2021.  We look forward to seeing all our Crazy Hairy students in tomorrow for our Easter Assembly.  The raffle will be drawn so be sure to be present to claim your goodies!


There will be no canteen available on this Monday. Please ensure you bring your child’s lunch in to school with them. 

Dianella Science Quest

During week 8 a select group of our year 6 students competed in the Dianella Science Quest. This is a science based competition where groups compete in a number of science challenges at Dianella Secondary College. These challenges included a forensic task, identifying rock types, chemistry and a STEM based building project. Our students were great representatives for our school, competing with a good team spirit and showing respect to teachers and fellow competitors.

One of the challenges involved building a tower with spaghetti and hot glue guns. The objective is to balance the maximum possible weight on top of this tower. The tower also has to be as light as possible to win the challenge. One of the Balga teams managed to build a tower that weighed only 12 grams but could carry more than 5 kilograms without breaking. This means the tower could support more than 400 times its own weight! This was a record for the day. Well done to Huriya, Tyson, Imogen and Xena for this great achievement.

At the end of the day, one of our teams finished in second place, which is a great showing given that 25 teams from 8 different schools were competing. Congratulations to  Eh Ku Wah, Louise, Haley, and Malaak!








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