Literacy at Balga Primary school includes all students learning the fundamental literacy skills and providing students with a range of engaging opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Our whole school evidence based teaching method is used to deliver the Western Australian Curriculum and general capabilities to help students live successfully in the 21st century. The literacy and English skills include reading, vocabulary, spelling, writing sentences to whole texts, grammar, and speaking and listening. All teachers at Balga Primary School follow targeted literacy blocks that include all the essential elements throughout the week.


Students at Balga Primary School learn reading through mastering the six critical components of reading:

  1. Phonological Awareness
  2. Phonics
  3. Sight Words
  4. Fluency
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Comprehension

Learning these reading skills will make reading more enjoyable, give students access to more content and set them up for success across the curriculum. The six critical components are taught explicitly, then students apply these new skills in different contexts throughout the literacy block and other subject areas.

200 Days of Reading

200 Days of Reading is motivating students at Balga Primary to read, read, READ! Reading everyday will help embed the taught reading skills. By encouraging students to read each day, we have set up a whole school rewards system and we even get support from Balga SHS, where their students join us each Friday for reading support.


Vocabulary is one of the critical components of reading and is linked to academic success. Vocabulary instruction provides essential background knowledge for reading and writing. Students at Balga Primary School expand their vocabulary through intentional teaching of vocabulary in context to improve their comprehension and writing. The students take pride in learning and using their ever expanding vocabulary!


Balga Primary School Students learn spelling through blending and segmenting words, having a thorough knowledge of the spelling rules. This provides students with the ability to spell unknown words and give each child the chance to succeed. Balga Primary School has a systematic whole school approach to spelling to ensure all essential components are taught across the years.


Students at Balga Primary School learn to write a variety of sentences where grammar is taught in context. This provides all our students with the skills to write different texts for a range of purposes and audiences. Sentence and text types are broken down for students to gain a deep understanding and have more success when writing.

Speaking and Listening

Oral language, speaking and listening, help build the foundations for reading, spelling and writing and therefore is essential for all students at Balga Primary School.