From the Principal

Welcome to Balga Primary School

The kids in the blue shirts are at the core of everything we do. The staff and our community work tirelessly to ensure that all students are respected, valued and encouraged to do their very best in developing their knowledge, skills and character.

The team at Balga are regarded as some of the best teachers in the state. Staff work tirelessly to plan and deliver lessons using evidenced based strategies to support the learning of their students.
Together, we have been working hard at developing high impact instruction to ensure that every student at the school reaches their potential.

We deliver high quality pastoral care and support services to ensure EVERY student has the opportunity to thrive. In addition, we offer innovative specialist programs that cater for a range of student interests and focus on the development of skills and talents in both learning and health and wellbeing.

Embracing and celebrating the diverse cultures we have within our community provides a unique and positive experience for the students of our school. Coming together as a community and learning from one another is an important part of what makes our school great!

Balga Primary School is a fantastic place for your child to grow and learn to maximise their potential. The school’s motto of ‘We Aim High’ lives within each of our staff and students every day. I encourage you to come along on this educational journey with our school and continue to grow the successes of your child and our school.

Brad Trpchev