Positive Behaviour Support

‘Our goal is to promote an inclusive and resilient learning community where every child, staff member and family can feel safe and supported’.  

Health and Wellbeing Team

At Balga Primary School we value student engagement and inclusion. The school has a Health and Wellbeing Team who plan, drive and support the implementation of whole school approaches to health and wellbeing for students and staff.

Our Team have developed a strategy to ensure that our school promotes student wellbeing in all learning experiences by providing an environment and curriculum that supports students to develop the knowledge, understandings and skills to manage their social emotional development and to support that of others.

What is PBS?

The goal of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) at Balga Primary School is to create and maintain a positive and safe learning environment that enhances our school culture where we maximise individual academic and social growth.

Our approach aligns academic and behavioural systems to create an emphasis on explicitly teaching, monitoring and rewarding appropriate behaviour.

We use a behaviour matrix to teach our values:

  • We are safe
  • Aim for excellence
  • High level of respect

Health and Wellbeing Team Members

Samantha Moosa – Teacher

Brenda Stack – AEIO