We aim to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment while delivering EXCELLENCE in EDUCATION.

6 Givens for Every Learning Environment:

  1. Strong relationships
  2. High expectations and excellent classroom practice
  3. Excellent presentation – uniforms, book work and daily correction
  4. Appealing classroom display
  5. Positive classroom tone
  6. Quality feedback to students

3 Imperatives of Student Engagement and all staff will ensure that:

  1. Students are safe, have trust, respect and feel valued
  2. Students have work at their level
  3. Students have friends at school

4 Pillars of Whole School Teaching

  1. Teacher directed learning
  2. Evidence based best practice teaching
  3. Moving student’s knowledge from short-term to long-term memory
  4. Positive teacher-student relationships

We implement evidence based whole school approaches, which integrate strong cultural perspectives making teaching and learning at Balga Primary School inclusive, supportive and individualised.