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Uniform Dress Code



Balga Primary School has a uniform dress code for all students. This is in accordance with the Department of Education policy and has been ratified by the School Board. Acceptance of enrolment at the school assumes an agreement that the enrolling student will dress within the guidelines of the dress code.

The dress code requires all students to wear school uniform whilst at school, on excursions or at any other time whilst representing the school.

All school uniform requirements can be purchased from Lowe’s Uniform Shop in Mirrabooka.
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Opening Hours:
Mon: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
Tue: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
Wed: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
Thu: 9:00 AM-9:00 PM
Fri: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
Sat: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sun: 11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Bell Times



The school day at Balga Primary School commences with our students meeting in the Library as soon as they enter the school property. A member of staff will supervise the children from 8:20 am until they are dismissed to go to class.

  • Every child who enters the school grounds before 8:35 am must come to the Library.  This is regardless as to whether or not they are accompanied by their parents.  Students are not to be seated waiting outside their classroom or elsewhere in the school before this time.
  • Students are not released to classrooms until 8:35 am where they are greeted by their classroom teacher.  Classroom organisation and preparation for the school day then takes place.  We do not have before school play and no unauthorised sporting equipment or students wandering unsupervised around the school is permitted.
  • Monday – Friday, students who wish to utilise the free Breakfast Club are welcome to attend from 8:00 – 8:20 am.

School Bell times are as follows:
8:50 am Start of the school day
10:40 am – 11.00am Recess
12:40 pm – 1:20 pm Lunch
3:00 pm End of the school day

All of these procedures are in place as we like to have a very well ordered and smooth start to every school day.






Acceptable Reasons for Absence
Under the Department of Education regulations, the only acceptable reasons for absence from school are:  illness or associated appointments – notification is required for each absence.  The school administration do not have the authority to approve absences for family holidays and absences of this nature remain the responsibility of the parent.  Where this does occur, however, we would appreciate prior notice in writing.

Advising the School
Parents are required to advise the school whenever a child will not be attending school, the expected length of the absence and the reason for the absence. Where an absence is planned, we require a note to the class teacher before the absence. When an absence is unplanned e.g sickness or family matters, it is important the school is notified.  This can be done by phoning the school during the day of the absence or supplying the classroom teacher with a note on your child’s return to school.

Daytime Appointments
Parents collecting students from school for appointments that fall during school hours are to collect students from the front office.  It is very helpful if you notify the class teacher in writing or in person prior to the appointment.  Students are to be collected from the front office and returned by the parent after the appointment if returning to school. The front office staff will provide the student with a signed leave pass.

Late Arrival
Arriving late to school is very disruptive to your child’s learning and to the learning program in the classroom.   Students who arrive late (after 8.50 am) to school must report to the office to receive a ‘Late Note’ and take this to the class teacher.  This information is a legal requirement and schools need to keep accurate records of student attendance so all absences from school or lateness needs to be recorded.

Facts About Regular Attendance

  • Research confirms that to maximize your child’s learning successes they need to attend school 95% of the time.
  • Regular attendance enables children to build upon their knowledge and skills every day.
  • Children who miss out on the basic skills may experience difficulties later on due to gaps in their learning.
  • Regular attendance helps students to develop confidence in areas such as social skills, organisation and teamwork.
  • Under Section 9(1) of the School Education Act 1999 is required to be enrolled in an educational program during the compulsory school age period – it is compulsory for students to attend Primary School from Pre-Primary to Year 6 in Western Australia
Updating Student Information

The information that parents provide on the Enrolment Card and in our electronic database is important in helping us to look after your child, and should be kept up to date.  In particular, we need to know:

  • change of address
  • change of telephone numbers ( Particularly mobile phone numbers)
  • change of parent’s work arrangements
  • any medical condition or allergies that your child may have
  • any legal documents regarding custody or court orders

It is essential that parents inform the school office in writing or in person of any change to student details.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an invaluable part of our modern lifestyle. The school understands there are times when possession of a mobile phone can provide a sense of safety and security for students while travelling to and from school, as well as enabling urgent calls or contact for parents.

Given the primary school setting we consider their use in this context. There are current concerns about the use of SMS to bully others and all students should be able to come to school feeling safe and secure.

The Balga Primary School Policy is that students may bring mobile phones to school but the phone is to handed in to front office as soon as the child arrives at school and must be collected when the child leaves at the end of the day. Any phone call a child needs to make during the school day must be done through the administration staff.

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